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False Utopia
by Sara Bezovšek
Interactive website & short film
1 homepage | 420 Mb
1 short film (scroll-through), 08:20 | cca 2 Gb
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Editions: 7
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Utopia can be a place, a city, or even a world inhabited by an imaginary society that has almost perfect characteristics. People in it are happy and work well with each other - so there is really no disease, no crime, no greed, all those negative things that have plagued our society for millennia. The opposite of utopia, however, is dystopia - it is a fictional society that is undesirable and intimidating.

While the false utopia is tempting at first and can basically be a really nice place to live, it hides a dark and often scary secret beneath its innocent exterior. Often a false utopia is just a carefully disguised dystopia. Sometimes, however, it’s only a society pretending to be perfect, but is not, because with our current human nature the idea of utopia is unfortunately not possible.
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Edition 1 Sara Bezovšek
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